Bully Me

You look so pretty when you cry
All choked up with drown me eyes
Your voice broken into whimpered sighs
The pleading sweet sounds making me high
And your face pressed to my chest so shy
Your muffled tears warming me up inside
So I no longer even bother to try
Resist the urge to break your heart each time

The Warmth of Memories

I used to dream that I could soar
To and through any storm
Because I was gifted with the wings
To fly

But time kept beckoning
Cautioning me to look away
And make the choices to escape
Into society’s easier way

So now I smile and just pretend
That I’m not scared to the mundane end
Because time has me ingrained
With the fear of flight

Once in a while i slip on blurred memories
Where I used to whisper to the stars at night
A million oysters opening before my eyes
Of journeys I’d make to embrace new worlds
And me

But time has worn me down to fill
And check boxes in my six foot cubicle
Where I reminisce on imprinted maybes
Of one day perhaps memories
That I wistfully sip at to keep me warm

On Love

To my parents – I realize now that you always said the words

Her eyes straining as midnight grows
Flagging fingers stitch newness to frayed clothes
While he, with hands so calloused from labor
Reverently traces letters so unfamiliar
His mouth secretly shaping out words in wonder
Before carefully wrapping worn books in brown paper

Weary and content, they stretch and creep
Pausing with heartful smiles to peek
Through the door where their children sleep
Carefree in their worlds of endless dreams

On Escapes

Soothe me
Put me to sleep
Stroke less tea into my whiskey
Rub extra rum in my milk and honey
Count more fuzzy navel schnapp sips
Than the fluffy fencing snores of sheep

Calm me
Lull me to sleep
Read me tequila shot times
With a glass of mockingbird rhymes
Rockabye scotch to warm my icy bones
Sing me to slumber in bourbon tones

Soak me in cosmoed vodka dreams
Drown me sandman’s tonicked gin
Let merlots frenchkiss me as I’m tucked in
Until my insomnia caves and the nightmares dim

On Timing

I’ll make it
I’m stronger than I think
I won’t let it win

I can hold it
It’s mind over matter
I won’t give in

With a wiggle and a wriggle
And hop hop hops
I’m gonna keep dancing
Till the pressure stop stop stops

I’m desperate
I crash dash flashing in
I held off too long
My muscles are caving in

I make it!
Before the flood rushes through
There’s a wet spot
But at least I’m on the loo!